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Topic: We deserve a place to play locally!

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Angry at our area

We deserve a place to play locally!

So im sure most of you in the shenandoah valley that are apart of a metal/punk/hard rock band have a hard time booking local shows?? I know we do...Once upon a time there was a scene in our area and places for our bands to play in luray, harrisonburg ect. Well there's not anymore...the only place that will alow our music is sonnys place in luray and thats only once in a while with a limited number of bands allowed (1 or 2) or house parties,  and while we appreciate sonny's letting us have our shows, we need other places to play. I know people have this idea in thier heads that anything having to do with metal/punk ect. will bring problems to thier establishment, this is NOT true, its a very rare that anyone gets out of hand, about just as likely as that town drunk starting a fight at your place regardless of the music being played. Most religous groups in the area also believe that because we play hard music we MUST be devil worshipers or trouble makers...thats is also NOT TRUE. We are all music lovers with our own taste in music and most people in the metal/punk scene that i know have a love for ALL music! But this is the music we love to play. There are hundreds maybe even thousands of people in our area that like this music, but our forced to travel hours away to enjoy it. We need places to play! We have the ability to pack your establishment, and make YOU money, we can raise money for regardless of your personal opinion of "hard rockers" we love music too and we love to play music locally without having to travel hours away or sell $100's in tickets to play at city venues, which is a hard thing to do! So what im asking is that any local establishment that reads this, give us a show to play ..once a month..something would be great!

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