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Topic: Songwriter looking for collaboration

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Dan King

Songwriter looking for collaboration


I'm Dan, and my goal in music, is to bring people out of our troubled time, back to their home and my home. When I say home, I mean, our souls. With our society's obsessions with technology, television, and so on, I feel called to bring light. I love and respect music and try to tell the truth with it, shedding everything else.

I'm 21, and have written and recorded about a half dozen songs that I am really proud of. I'm so pumped to continue, and would love writers and players to collaborate with, who are as serious about it as I am. Not saying the music can't be light hearted of course!

By the way, I play many instruments; guitar, piano, bass, drums, vocals, and some accordion and am always increasing my knowledge of music theory. I have experience in recording music, and have the equipment to make anything happen. My other hobbies include writing, film, and drawing.

I've got so many ideas with art and music, and I know you do to.

Thanks for reading,

Dan -

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If we met face to face with of our facebook friends they would hardly give us a nod. Is social networking causing a fragmentation of society? Don't you think it's about time for some GrassRoots Marketing?

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