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Topic: Buddy Wolfe is back in the Shenandoah Valley

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Buddy Wolfe is back in the Shenandoah Valley


Buddy Wolfe Shenandoah Valley Musician

Buddy Wolfe - The experience of a Buddy Wolfe performance.
by Ali Cheff

It is like all of the joy and wonderment of a child comes over you again. Music is once more fun, no longer an industry or a money machine but a person enjoying what they are doing and having the opportunity to interact with out reservation. He is having fun. You can see his eyes twinkle as he plays. His eyes especially light up when he hears that another person loves music or pursues it. Buddy's fingers dance across the fret board of the guitar his hands never appearing to detach as if they were a part of the guitar. And the sounds that he pulls from instruments is powerfully moving it is like he is able to make instruments sing in the most pure and soul penetrating way. Yet you would never know he was the keeper of such a phenomenal ability. In a conversation, he never hints in the slightest his ability. He seems to prefer talking about your pursuit of music than his own talent. There is an almost child like innocence, a humbleness and which puts people at ease. He is a guy who seems to get a kick out of the worlds different characteristics. As he plays the banjo, guitar, or mandolin you see the transformation from self-consciousness to absolute freedom. He has obtained that skill that so many of us desire and strive for. It is that ability to loose yourself in something wonderful. When Buddy plays everyone listening is given that ability to just be content with how things are and transfixed in the music.

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