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Topic: 3-piece variable backbone with room to add

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3-piece variable backbone with room to add

looking for peolple;male or female that can play bass, guitar, drums, and sing to form a band whose major focus would be originals and covers with no specific genra or category but agreed upon by all members.  evryone will be switching off to change sound, approach and creativity promoting a round robin model.  if you play at least more than one instument post back if your interested or if you play something exotic like flute, horns, etc post back if you'd like to try to add.  we will hopefully be trying to come up with many new,unfamiliar and varied sounds falling back upon the premise that no one will be playing the same instrument or doing the same thing all the time.  plus i'm sure that we can all learn things from one another that we're unfamiliar with ; even if it means playing an instrument your not used to plying or never played.  or call 304-283-0904  

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