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Steven Douglas Tracy

Lead singer available,44

Lead singer available,i can basically sing anything except Rod Stewart and i don't do screaming heavy metal,other than that i can do anything.Excellent range,drug free,professional,easygoing,in shape.I have my own effects unit/sound and i expect to be able to use it.If you think a dry vocal sound without reverb is good or what is needed don't bother contacting me.I don't soak it (i use it conservatively) but i refuse to sing without it.Good acoustic guitar ability also.Experienced in a wide range of genres'.

Contact #s are 540-635-5647,540-671-6030.

If you are above average and want someone who is truly good invite me for an audition, you wont be disappointed and niether will I.If it clicks, cool.Here are some examples of what i can do:Elvin Bishop,fooled around and fell in love all notes including the highs,Sting, message in a bottle single guitar version,Elton John, rocket man acoustic guitar version with smooth focused falsetto transition,any blues any grateful dead,some zeppelin (going to California,That's the way etc.),U2 in gods country  acoustic version,Guess who Undone all high notes,Stone temple pilots plush, the Seattle sound etc.southern rock and the list goes on.If you are drunks with bottomless pits that you pour alcohol down into don't contact me(a couple beers?no prob.).I'm serious minded but easy to get along with.I have my own material also which includes rock n' roll and country music/folk.I'm into quality and strive for it 110%.If i'm unfamiliar with your set list and you mine i'm perfectly happy to perform any of this stuff i've listed solo in order to demonstrate my ability. A-440 able, downtuning not required and i don't pick songs i can't do justice to.I'm looking to get into a quality situation that will stand out and most importantly make people feel something.

Front Royal Virginia/Winchester area. P.S. I do one hell of a mean Pearl Jam BLACK.

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